Saturday, 13 April 2013

How to live in a connected world?

I am wracked with self doubts which are strongest when I turn voyeur—when I peer in on the lives of others, seeing images I am conditioned into thinking constitute my real life. Been there, done some of that, none of which brought me the promised feeling of euphoria, that sense of peace, that attainment of something permanent—Duh! I sure was looking in the wrong place for the wrong kind of stuff. 

The media (and I am one of them) propagates a false myth of what it means to be happy and the power of the written and spoken word is such that indeed it also influences many others into thinking that this was the stuff dreams were made of. It is when I look to the outside for inspiration that I am most vulnerable. When I think back to what I could have done or to the future of what could be that I feel insecure.

For deep down I always know what makes me truly happy. What makes me live life in all its glory—with its ups and downs, the joy of feeling every living waking moment as if it were my last and the pain of separation, of not having that which is most dear.

The question then is how to balance the inside with the outside in today’s connected world? It is only by being discerning in what I take in—in what and whom I connect with—that I can tune out the noise. By having the strength to exercise my right of choice I give myself the permission to bridge to my real reality. Fading out the confusion of the outside. Try it, and tell me how it feels.

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