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Hunters' Assessment

Vampire hunters are as much a part of cultural folklore as are the vampires themselves. From these tales many fiction novels have derived their roots, and developed into creations of the imagination as lively as any human you may encounter. The folklore stems from many cultural references. Unlike the Vampires themselves, the lore around the hunters is often shrouded in deeper mystery. While many villages would participate in a full scale hunt for a believed vampire, much as they would a witch, it was not uncommon for a village to find themselves unable to eliminate the perceived threat. This is where they would enlist the help of someone who was considered to be a professional vampire hunter. Some of these hunters would travel great distances to assist a town in need of their services.

Among the limited we know about these vampire hunters includes what a vampire hunter’s tool kit would have looked like during the 1800s. This often resembles the things of fiction. A cross, a stake, various liquid vials or bottles that include holy water.  In many of the folklore stories the hunters would not only carry such a kit, but some would display a level of supernatural ability as well. Fighting the undead was no easy task. Being able to view an invisible creature seeking blood appears to be the most common supernatural skill a hunter has in the folklore from many countries. There are no references to training, or how one came to be a professional vampire hunter. While such things remain unknown in history, you can often find those possible answers filled in by fiction.

Hunters’ Assessment is a short story that introduces you to Arcturian Bloodlines. This unique and lively series is full of action, adventure, excitement and well crafted characters. In Hunters’ Assessment you are introduced to the Hunter’s Society, and their training methods of today. It is a year's long process that is briefly examined in this story as it follows one team from inception to their final exam. In this case, the exam is more than any could have expected.

Hunters’ Assessment by Karyn Pearson: 
In the Arcturian Bloodlines series you find dual societies coexisting with normal humans. On one side you have Vampires and all that is involved with them and on the other are those who hunt them. The Vampire Hunter’s society educates, trains, and prepares young hunter teams for what they will face
when it is time for them to seek out the feral and criminals among the Vampire Society. In the story of Hunters’ Assessment you will meet three of the four jobs a potential hunter will have.

Karyn Pearson

The four possible jobs a Vampire Hunter will have to choose from are:
• Dancer is someone who is a melee-specialized fighter
• Marksman is someone who is a mid-to-long-range fighter and expert at all arms
• Predictor is special hunter class able to see the future (amount of time ahead that can be seen varies from person to person)
• Mender is field medic, also the class of hunters that studies vampire blood and reverse engineered anti-virus from vampire viruses

The Arcturian Bloodlines series will go into great depth about this and the opposing society and the impact it has on the world around them. In the story of Hunters’ Assessment you meet Dancer, Shane
Kantor and his team. His Predictor is Sophie Pineda, and his Marksman is Troy Weston. This team develops their skills over the course of their training but comes together before their first assessment. Together they face trails, and grow to become a strong team. Upon the final assessment they are sent to do their job, and face the unthinkable. Each character is alive with energy, and uniquely designed with emotions you can feel. Without question, you will find the first page as captivating as the last.

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