Sunday 14 April 2013

The muse is a fickle mistress

So there is a muse. That much has become clear to me. She is a fussy lady, a temperamental one too, of no fixed address, who changes her mind at the last minute.

She visits me at the turns of the season only, during the liminal time.

I first heard about the concept of liminality from Becky Walsh and then everything fell into place.

As a writer, I create better when there is a feeling of suspension of formlessness all around me. ie. when it is neither day nor night, when I am neither indoors nor outdoors, neither at home or in office.

I've done some of my best writing waiting for trains & planes and when I have nodded off into the twilight zone in the back of cars, taxis, even autorickshaws bouncing around the streets of Bombay.

And so as winter bursts into full blown spring in London here I am up in the morning with the sun at 5am and it feels glorious as the words gush out like a thawn out stream after an epic winter.

So next time, when you feel really creative be aware of the what, when and where of the moment. Be completely present as you take in your surroundings outside and how you feel inside?

That tickle in your throat, the adrenaline pumping through your veins, your heart beating in excitement for she is here finally and you can feel yourself submerge into the loving lustfullness of the moment (Ha!  whoever said writing was a sedentary business was obviously no writer themself!)

Make the most of it though for the muse is a wicked mistress, she graces you with her presence for just a few times in the year, how long will you be able to tie her down this time?

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